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I have great news! The application used to serve the getBible API and to render the Scripture received from the API are available to you for free. Yes, that means you can now start your own Bible API, on your own Joomla website.

There is more, this application can run in two ways. First it can place the Scriptures on your website and make use of the getBible API which means no extra load on your server. Secondly you can install the versions/translations you would like and run the application locally, independently from the getBible API. This in affect will make your website a Bible API on its own, with the option to lock access to your API if needed.

I am working hard to improve this application to eventually include dictionaries, commentaries, devotionals, allow bookmarks, and much more. What we have today is the start of what we hope will be a great blessing to many

The application is for Joomla 3 and you can download the getBible component for free.


The API render the scripture in JSON, in many different translation/languages.

Getting a JSON response from the set url "" with a simple query string "p=Jn3:16" forms the base of the API.


There are just two parameters available, both are self-explanatory, passage and version.

Yet you can also use v, ver, lang and translation in place of version and p, text, scrip and scripture in place of passage.

You can call a book, chapter or a single verse, or even a string of verses. When the Version is omitted the KJV is provided by default.

The following are all valid:

jQuery Script

Here is a jQuery script to make an API call from your own application

Available Versions

Most of the translations are provided by The Unbound Bible. The code that should be passed as the version parameter is shown in brackets.

    Get Bible is offline, so we can't check what versions is available at this time.

If you want a translation that is not currently listed above, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Please note that version that are currently in copyright (e.g. NIV, NKJV, etc.) cannot be added unless you are able to secure copyright permission.