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Fully Customizable

Get Bible App!

You can freely use the full Get Bible application on your Joomla! website.

Share the Word

Share the Holy Word on your website in multiple languages with virtually no restrictions.

Notes & Tags

Notes and tags are an integrated feature. Set up your own notes and tags that users will see that uses your Bible app.

Free as in Freedom

Get Bible app is completely free and can be used freely. We only want to put the Bible in your hands.

Easy Deployemnt

Get your extension up and running very quickly and easily. No programming knowledge needed.

Privacy First

We are serious about privacy and using Get Bible and even storing your work will require no private information.

Powerful API

Integrate with the powerful Get Bible API for even more freedom and functionailty put in your hands to spread the Word.

Fully Documented

All our new Get Bible features and app settings are fully documented in our support wiki.

Customizable Interface

Once you have uploaded the Get Bible app on your website you will have a very big array of available customizations to make it perfect for your platform.

Open AI Integration

Open AI integration through their API is a new feature now available for Get Bible app users.

Coming soon...

Downloads & Links

Joomla!® Package

The package contains the Joomla!® component as well as the modules for the Daily verse and the Daily Light on the Daily Path

Get Bible Joomla!® Component

Here you can find the actual component code for the Get Bible Extentension available for you Joomla!® website

Daily Scripture Module

Create a module where you post a daily scripture to your Joomla!® website in a module. These verses are randomly selected with no external input from any person.

Daily Light Module

Daily Light on the Daily Path readings by Samuel Bagster can be displayed on your website through the this module. It will be updated daily with the morning and evening reading.

Joomla! Component Versions Road Map

1.0.0 2.0.0 4.0.0 Alpha Release Beta Release Stable Release Security Release Alpha Release Beta Release Stable Release Security Release Stable Release Security Release 1 Jan 2013 1 Jan 2014 1 Jan 2015 1 Jan 2016 1 Jan 2017 1 Jan 2018 1 Jan 2019 1 Jan 2020 1 Jan 2021 1 Jan 2022 1 Jan 2023 1 Jan 2024 1 Jan 2025 1 Jan 2026 1 Jan 2027 1 Jan 2028 Today: 1 Dec 2023
Future Releases
Alpha Release
Beta Release
Stable Release
Security Release
Version at End of Life
Lord Willing!
Get Bible & Vast Development Method is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla! logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.