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    John 20
    •   ER y chied laa jeh'n chiaghtin, haink Moirrey Malaine dy moghey, tra ve foast dorraghey, gys yn oaie, as honnick ee yn chlagh goit ersooyl jeh'n oaie.
    •   Eisht roie ee, as haink ee gys Simon Peddyr, as gys yn ostyl elley bynney lesh Yeesey, as dooyrt ee roo, T'ad er ghoaill ersooyl y Chiarn ass yn oaie, as cha s'ain c'raad t'ad er choyrt eh.
    •   Hie Peddyr er-y-fa shen magh, as yn ostyl elley shen, as haink ad gys yn oaie.
    •   Son v'ad ny-neesht er roie cooidjagh: agh va'n ostyl elley er roie ny s'bieau na Peddyr, as er jeet hoshiaght gys yn oaie.
    •   As chroym eh sheese, as honnick eh ny aanrityn nyn lhie, ny-yeih cha jagh eh stiagh.
    •   Eisht haink Simon Peddyr geiyrt er, as hie eh stiagh 'syn oaie, as honnick eh ny aanrityn nyn lhie.
    •   As y naptin va mysh e chione, cha nee ny lhie marish ny aanrityn elley, agh fillit er-y-cheilley ayns ynnyd er-lheh.
    •   Eisht hie stiagh myrgeddin yn ostyl elley shen haink hoshiaght gys yn oaie, as honnick eh as ren eh credjal.
    •   Son cha row foast toiggal oc jeh'n scriptyr, dy beign da girree veih ny merriu.
    • 10   Eisht hie ny ostyllyn rhymboo reesht gys nyn dhie hene.
    • 11   Agh va Moirrey ny shassoo cheu mooie jeh'n oaie keayney: as myr v'ee keayney, chroym ee sheese as yeeagh ee stiagh ayns yn oaie.
    • 12   As honnick ee daa ainle nyn soie ayns coamraghyn sollys, yn derrey yeh ec y chione, as y jeh elley ec ny cassyn raad va corp Yeesey ny lhie.
    • 13   As dooyrt ad r'ee, Ven, cre'n-fa t'ou keayney? Dooyrt ish roo, Er-yn-oyr dy vel ad er ghoaill ersooyl my Hiarn, as nagh s'aym c'raad t'ad er choyrt eh.
    • 14   As tra v'ee er ghra shoh, hyndaa ee mygeayrt, as honnick ee Yeesey ny hassoo, as cha row fys eck dy nee Yeesey v'ayn.
    • 15   Dooyrt Yeesey r'ee, Ven, cre'n-fa t'ou keayney? quoi t'ou dy hirrey? Heill ish dy nee yn gareyder v'ayn, as dooyrt ee rish, Vainshter, my t'ou er chur lhiat ass shoh eh, insh dou c'raad t'ou er choyrt eh, as goym ersooyl eh.
    • 17   Dooyrt Yeesey r'ee, Ny benn rhym; son cha vel mee foast er gholl seose gys my Ayr; agh gow gys my vraaraghyn, as abbyr roo, Ta mee goll seose gys my Ayr's as yn Ayr euish, as gys my Yee's as y Jee euish.
    • 18   Haink Moirrey Malaine as dinsh ee da ny ostyllyn, dy row ee er vakin y Chiarn, as dy row eh er loayrt ny goan shoh r'ee.
    • 19   Eisht er y laa cheddin, yn chied laa jeh'n chiaghtin, ayns yn astyr, tra va ny dorryssyn dooint, raad va ny ostyllyn er nyn jaglym cooidjagh ayns aggle roish ny Hewnyn, haink Yeesey as hass eh kiongoyrt roo, as dooyrt eh roo, Shee dy row hiu.
    • 20   As tra v'eh er ghra shoh, yeeagh eh daue e laueyn as e lhiattee. Eisht ghow ny ostyllyn boggey tra honnick ad y Chiarn.
    • 21   Eisht dooyrt Yeesey roo reesht, Shee dy row hiu; myr ta my Ayr er my choyrt's, myr shen ta mish coyrt shiuish
    • 22   As tra v'eh er ghra shoh, heid eh orroo, as dooyrt eh roo, Gow-jee yn Spyrryd Noo.
    • 23   Da quoi-erbee ta shiuish leih peccaghyn, t'ad er nyn leih daue; as da quoi erbee nagh vel shiu cur feaysley, cha vel ad feayshlit.
    • 24   Agh cha row Thomase, fer jeh'n daa ostyl yeig va enmyssit Didymus, maroo tra haink Yeesey.
    • 25   Dooyrt ny ostyllyn elley er-y-fa shen rish, Ta shin er vakin y Chiarn. Agh dooyrt eshyn roo, Mannagh vaikym ayns ny laueyn echey ynnyd ny treinaghyn, as mannagh derrym my vair ayns ynnyd ny treinaghyn, as my laue y choyrt stiagh ayns e lhiattee, cha greidym.
    • 26   As lurg hoght laa reesht va ny ostyllyn echey sthie, as Thomase maroo: eisht haink Yeesey, as ny dorryssyn dooint, as hass eh kiongoyrt roo, as dooyrt eh, Shee dy row hiu.
    • 27   Eisht dooyrt eh rish Thomase, Sheeyn ayns shoh dty vair, as loaghtee my laueyn; as sheeyn dty laue, as cur ee stiagh ayns my lhiattee: as ny bee mee-chredjuagh, agh credjuagh.
    • 28   As dreggyr Thomase as dooyrt eh rish, My Hiarn, as my Yee.
    • 29   Dooyrt Yeesey rishyn, Homase, Er-y fa dy vel oo er my akin, t'ou er chredjal; bannit t'adsyn nagh vel er vakin, as foast ta er chredjal.
    • 30   As ymmodee cowraghyn elley dy jarroo ren Yeesey ayns fenish e ostyllyn, nagh vel scruit ayns y lioar shoh.
    • 31   Agh t'ad shoh scruit, dy voddagh shiuish credjal dy nee Yeesey yn Creest Mac Yee, as liorish credjal shiu dy chosney bea trooid yn ennym echeysyn. [ (John 20:32) Dooyrt Yeesey,Voirrey. Hyndaa ee ee-hene, as dooyrt ee rish, Rabboni, ta shen dy ghra, Vainshter. ]
  • King James Version (kjv)
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  • Manx Gaelic (Esther Jonah 4 Gospels) (manxgaelic - 1.1)


    Manx Gaelic (gv)

    Gaelic Scripture Portions (Manx Gaelic)
    The Manx Gaelic Scripture portions were found at:
    They include Esther, Jonah, Matthew, Luke, and John. This looks like it has been scanned in, so there are probably a few spelling errors. Manx was spoken on the Isle of Man in Great Britain. The Ethnologue lists Manx as having no native speakers.
    Courtesy the Unbound Bible (

    • Direction: LTR
    • LCSH: Bible. Manx Gaelic.
    • Distribution Abbreviation: manxgaelic


    Public Domain

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John 20:

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