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    John 17
    •   Ka'oti-na Yesus mpo'uli' hawe'ea toe, mengoa' -imi hi langi' pai' -i mosampaya, na'uli': "Tuama-ku, rata-mi tempo-na! Pomobohe-ama Aku' Ana' -nu, bona Aku' wo'o mpomobohe-ko Mama.
    •   Nuwai' -ama kuasa hi hawe'ea manusia', bona tauna to nuwai' -maka, kuwai' -ra katuwua' to lompe' duu' kahae-hae-na.
    •   Ane ra'inca-ko Mama, ka'Iko-na Alata'ala to makono to uma ria karodua-na, pai' ane ra'inca Yesus Kristus suro-nu, toe-mi ohea-ra mporata katuwua' to lompe' duu' kahae-hae-na.
    •   Hi rala dunia' toi kupopehuwu-mi kabohe tuwu' -nu Mama, kuposipolea-mi bago to nuwai' -ka.
    •   Toe pai' kuperapi' bona nupopehuwu kabohe tuwu' -ku dohe-nu Mama, hewa kabohe tuwu' -ta hangkaa-ngkania kako'ia-na dunia' tohe'i rapajadi'.
    •   "Ane doo-ku tohe'ira lau, to nuwai' -maka ngkai rala dunia' toi-e, kupopo'incai-ramo kahema-nu Mama. Bagia-nu ami' -ramo, nutonu-ra hi Aku', pai' ratuku' -mi lolita-nu.
    •   Wae lau, ra'inca-mi: hawe'ea to nuwai' -ka, bate ngkai Iko Mama.
    •   Kuparata-miraka hawe'ea lolita to nuparata-ka. Ratarima-mi, pai' ra'inca-mi Aku' toi ngkai Mama mpu'u-a, pai' rapangala' -mi ka'Iko-na to mposuro-a.
    •   "Kuposampayai-ra doo-ku tohe'i-ra lau. Uma kuposampayai hawe'ea tauna hi dunia'. To kuposampayai toi-e, muntu' tauna to nuwai' -maka Mama, apa' lawi' hira' -mi bagia-nu.
    • 10   Hawe'ea tauna to kupobagia, bagia-nu Mama. Pai' hawe'ea tauna to nupobagia, bagia-ku. Hira' -mi to mpopehuwu kabohe tuwu' -ku.
    • 11   "Neo' tilou-ama Mama, uma-apa mahae hi dunia' toi. Aga ane ana'guru-ku toira lau, hi dunia' toi-ra-pidi. O Tuama-ku to moroli', pewili' -ramo hante kabaraka' hanga' -nu-- hante hanga' to nuwai' -ka. Pewili' -ramo bona hanono lau-ra, hewa Mama pai' Aku' hanono lau-ta.
    • 12   Bula-ku dohe-ra-pidi, Aku' to mpewili' -ra hante kabaraka' hanga' -nu-- hante hanga' to nuwai' -ka. Kujaga-ra pai' uma-ra ria to mporata silaka, ntani' -na ngkai to hadua. Hi'a kana silaka, bona madupa' lolita to te'uki' hi rala Buku Tomoroli'.
    • 13   "Wae-e lau, tilou-ama Mama. Hawe'ea tohe'i ku'uli' bula-ku dohe-ra-pidi hi dunia' toi, bona gana mpu'u kagoea' -ra hante kagoea' to ngkai Aku'.
    • 14   Kuparata-miraka lolita-nu, alaa-na tauna to uma mepangala' mpokahuku' -ra, apa' bela-ra doo-ra, hewa Aku' wo'o bela-a doo-ra to uma mepangala'.
    • 15   Uma kuperapi' bona nu'ala' -ra ngkai dunia' tohe'i. Pomperapia' -ku, bona nupetalawai' -ra ngkai anudaa'.
    • 16   Hewa Aku' bela-a doo-ra to uma mepangala', wae wo'o ana'guru-ku bela doo-ra.
    • 17   Pakaroli' -ramo, pajadi' -ra bagia-nu hante tudui' to makono. Lolita-nu Mama, tetu-mi to makono.
    • 18   Hewa Mama mposuro-a tumai hi dunia', wae wo'o Aku' mposuro-ra hilou hi tau ntani' -na hi dunia'.
    • 19   Mama, kutonu katuwu' -ku hi Iko jadi' bagia-nu, bona ana'guru-ku toira mporata kalompea', pai' bona hira' jadi' bagia-nu hi kampotuku' -ra tudui' to makono.
    • 20   "Uma muntu' ana'guru-ku tohe'i-wadi to kuposampayai. Kuposampayai wo'o tauna to mepangala' mpai' hi Aku' ngkai posabi' -ra.
    • 21   Pomperapia' -ku, bona hawe'ea-ra hanono lau. Hewa Mama hintuwu' hante Aku', pai' Aku' hante Mama, kuperapi' bona hira' wo'o hintuwu' hante Kita'. Bona hawe'ea tauna mpangala' ka'Iko-na to mposuro-a.
    • 22   "Kuwai' -ramo kabaraka' to nuwai' -ka Mama, bona jadi' hanono lau-ramo, hewa Kita' wo'o hanono lau.
    • 23   Aku' hintuwu' hante hira', pai' Mama hintuwu' hante Aku', bona hira' mpai' jadi' hanono lau hante karoli' -roli' -na. Ane hewa toe-damo, hawe'ea tauna mpo'inca kanusuro-ku, pai' kanupoka'ahi' -ra hewa kanupoka'ahi' -ku.
    • 24   "Mama, konoa-ku bona hira' to nuwai' -ka toi mo'oha' dohe-ku hi po'ohaa' -ku mpai', bona rahilo kabaraka' -ku. Kabaraka' -ku toi nuwai' -maka, apa' nupoka'ahi' -a ngkai kako'ia-na dunia' rapajadi'.
    • 25   O Tuama-ku to monoa', tauna hi dunia' toi uma mpo'incai-ko. Aga Aku', ku'inca-ko. Pai' doo-ku tohe'ira lau mpo'inca ka'Iko-na to mposuro-a.
    • 26   Kupopo'incai-ramo kahema-nu, pai' bate kupohewa toe oa' mpai', bona hira' mporasai ahi' -nu hi rala nono-ra, hewa Aku' mporasai ahi' -nu, pai' bona Aku' mo'oha' hi rala nono-ra."
  • King James Version (kjv)
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  • Uma NT (uma - 1.2)


    Uma (ppk)

    The New Testament in Uma
    Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
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John 17:

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